BIRD-C GmbH & Co KG is aiming to set new standards in the fields of infectious diseases and tumors, based on the bacterial ghost platform technology.


Scanning electron micrograph of an E.coli BG. The arrow points to the E-mediated lysis tunnel in the cell envelope. Transmission electron micrograph of an E.coli BG. im, inner membrane; om, outer membrane. Lyophilized BGs are stable at ambient temperatures.


The company BIRD-C was founded in 1998 and has its administrative office in Kritzendorf, Lower Austria. The company’s laboratory is located in Dr. Bohrgasse, 1030 Vienna.


BIRD-C collaborates with renowned academic research organizations and national as well as international companies.


It is BIRD-C´s policy to actively support its product development partner and licensees during the product development, evaluation and production process to ensure a successful technology transfer and application of the BG-based product.



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